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Reflections: 2023

  It is the last day of this blessed year and it is only natural to want to reflect on the year that is about to leave us for good, either into a journal or into a blog or to take stock in your mind. How else can you learn from the experiences made and take the wisdom forward? For the mindful and those who reflect every single night before they hit the sack, this may not be needed but for most of us who fail to get a hold on things and just go through the motions, trying to be fair by everybody, getting bruised in the bargain, this is important. Musings (while unlearning?) being the only hope to leave the baggage that did not serve us and move into the new year with hope, fresh energy and a never say die spirit. After a trying 2021 and 2022, this year began as a welcome change for me. Everyone left home for a good three months and it felt like a drop of water to parched lips in an unforgiving desert. I love my family but I realise that I might have had a breakdown, if this change did n

The Shiny Blue Car

  Photo by 𝗔𝗹𝗲𝘅 𝘙𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘳 on Unsplash Meera walked in to find a desperate Jessie trying to reason with Danny while he continued unabashedly. His tantrums were getting increasingly difficult to handle. Both caught a glimpse of Meera together and for a moment there was silence accompanied with hope in Danny’s eyes and relief in Jessie’s. She nodded to Jessie, her eyes conveying a thank you as well as a confirmation that she would now take over. A grateful Jessie took the cue and was gone for a welcome weekend even as Meera looked into Danny’s eyes. However, Danny was looking towards the door in anticipation knowing that unlike Jessie, Meera would take him to the park to show him the shiny blue car. He had calmed down by now, tantrum forgotten. Meera barely had time to catch her breath but she knew Danny was waiting for this moment. She shut the door after her and led Danny to the elevator. He refused as always, so they went down the stairs. She thanked her stars, yet again, t

Earth Angels in the Age of Aquarius!

Earth Angels are beings that are here to save the Earth and must be hailed as such. Let us transform and be one! The Earth, our Mother, is crying for help and we are aware of it. The enormity of work required to set things right is enough for most people to feign indifference as a defense mechanism or even easier, blame it on the Government!  Do not get me wrong; there are a lot of Earth Angels working individually or in organizations of different kinds and NGOs, along with the Governments, that are working diligently to save the planet even as some of us couldn't be bothered with putting trash in separate bins if we are not fined or for that matter, putting trash into any bin!! I like to believe that all humans are born good. Education (not just books) and circumstances be it family, economic background, guidance or lack of it, and so much more contribute to our world view. Despite everything, everyone deep down inside, and in the presence of the devil within each of us, still has

It is What it is!

Credits: Acceptance, that all is as it should be, while diligently staying the course and following your inner guidance is the recipe for eternal happiness and well-being. Sometimes, it is as simple as that. It is what it is. In fact, it has always been like that but when circumstances are in our favour, who cares. No one wants to hear it when things are not too great either. We want what we want and when we want it. We are ready to put in the work. In fact, we have put in a lot of work so when we do not see results the way we expect them, we get frustrated. Worse, if someone less worthy (in our eyes) gets a lot of success, with what we see as mediocre work, we go through phases of anger and self-pity, anxiety and depression depending on many factors. But, it is what it is! It does not matter whether you disagree; whether you clench your fists and scream "unfair"- it is what it is! So, what now? Do we give up? No. We just accept things as they are.

11 Years Later

  Heeding the Call of My Inner Child and that of my North Node. I belong to Kerala, as in both my parents and all my relatives hail from there. I was neither born nor brought up in God’s own country. I had the blessing of being an Indian first before associating myself with a state since my father served in the Indian Air Force and we pretty much lived a nomadic life, which I loved. However, we remained connected to our roots thanks to our bonding with our relatives whom we adored and still do. Summer holidays meant a trip to Kerala by train from no matter where we were. I feel the excitement of my childhood even as I type and have a huge smile on my face! The change in the soil and vegetation which was torturous to me back then because it was usually a lesson in geography, was one of the most beautiful and magical things about the train journey as I grew up and to this day, the excitement I feel on a train is unparalleled. As a kid I was closest to my maternal grandfather and he

This Valentine's Day Onward...

   💝Love yourself (it is not all that difficult once you begin healing and yes, that is tough, I admit but definitely, worth your while). 💝Observe without judgement. 💝Interact without judgement. 💝Accept your weaknesses. 💝Accept the same in others. 💝Set your boundaries firmly. 💝Accept that those close (even not so close) to you, won’t like it. 💝Respect the boundaries set by others. 💝Do not overshare or over give. 💝Decide to choose happiness (it will be challenging since we get more done with a grouchy look, I understand). 💝Know that No is a sentence. No explanations needed. 💝Spend time in Nature, when you can. 💝Save soil, save water, do not litter mindlessly, reduce excessive consumption of anything; do your bit consistently to save the planet whether or not others are doing it. Plus, you do not need recognition for giving back to the planet that nurtures you. 💝Respect Time. 💝Be kind and respectful to every form of life. 💝Be graceful as you

2023: Breaking Limitations!

 A Happy and Abundant 2023 Dear Readers and a chance to break all your limitations, little by little, till you are rid of everything that holds you back from reaching your fullest potential. I am not just preaching. I am putting it into practice even as I type this very line! How? Well, I am old school and I try my best to move ahead with the times and I am so empathetic towards the elderly (may not be patient but certainly empathetic) because I get them. I am them despite the fact that I have a little over a year to touch 50. Blame it on the fixed energy in my birth chart!!  The truth is I would never get over using my desktop and graduate on to a laptop since reaching the desktop was hard enough. I have still not given up my love for paper and pen and it breaks my heart that stationery shops are dwindling in number and in the choices they provide. I digress in my typical manner!! Well, I did buy myself a laptop last year and I have written a blog or two from it. And today, with this