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Morning Walks Revisited: Love it, Love it!

  24 August 2017 saw my second blog on Blogger titled “Morning Walks: Hate it, Love it!”   A little more than three years later, in a different location and under different circumstances, due to the pandemic, I decide to write about my morning walk today. These days I walk on the terrace, early morning; anytime between six and half past six! We live in a gated community of five, five storied buildings and even though I live on the fourth floor on one of them, I do use the elevator up to the fifth floor before taking two flights of steps to the terrace. (I shudder at the thought of all those steps I used to climb to reach the Air Traffic Control Tower to get the Flight Plan signed when I was serving in the IAF and even at my fittest best- a comparative term-I used to huff and puff and had no energy left to blow anything down! Somehow, the ATC had a great sense of sardonic humour which put up posters like