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When You Long For it All...

Credits: Returning from one of those rare evening walks with my husband, I stopped at the elevator as my knees were hurting. As luck would have it, it was on the topmost floor and would take a few minutes to reach us. I was adamant to use the lift even though there were but a few steps to climb so my husband waited with me and took it upon him to read all the notices on the notice board that hung on the left wall; something I hardly ever do for most of the notices are regarding meetings and social evenings, none of which appeals to me. Presently, he drew my attention to a notice pinned right at the top in bold, capital letters and said, “Your friend.” My interest piqued, I read the short notice and was shocked at its contents. “Vimla” is what we shall call her to maintain her privacy even though I am completely sure that she would never read this article. Ethics are ethics whether anyone sees it or not! Nearly two years ago, I shifted into these apartment

And I Quote...

Credits: Poetry has lured and inspired people across the globe, whatever be the language. I, however, am rather inept in understanding anything beyond simple poetry. Flowery language has not been my forte either to use or to comprehend- a limitation indeed. On the other hand, what inspires me are quotes and ironically, some of my favourites are translations or excerpts from poems! Credits: I am presenting some of my favourite quotes for you in the hope that they will work wonders for you as they did and continue to do for me! Most of my questions find their answers in quotes of Osho, Sadhguru, Kahlil Gibran and Rumi. I will try not to include too many of them as I use them in most of my blogs; only those I just cannot resist! I have also included pictures of all the great people whom I have quoted here; who have had such lovely nuggets to impart. We have to start with Love ! Credits: Credits: Credits: pint

Festival Fever

Credits: Festivals are looked forward to eagerly, the world over; some known to everybody while others known to a smaller community. There are festivals for every season, reason, religion and faith. Some of them are brief in their festivities while others carry on for days; some entail fasting before the big day while others require fasting on the day that is celebrated! One thing that stands common amongst all is that they are here to bring the community closer, to spread cheer, love and brotherhood. Since the festivals and celebrations have been carrying on for centuries, calendars are marked and the excitement begins well before the actual day of celebration. Shopping for new clothes and accessories, cooking delicacies, holiday plans (either to visit family or to cater for their arrival), rituals and arranging for them (visiting the place of faith, or decorating with lamps and lights, ornaments and more) are a few activities that begin well in advance of the

25 Insights into the Aquarian Woman

Image Being hooked on to zodiac signs from as far as I can remember, I have read and continue to read a lot of material on the same. I would be lying if I said I read about all sun signs with the same amount of interest and to the same detail as I do a select few (for obvious reasons)!! In fact, very often in posts I make references to someone or the other being of a certain zodiac sign as though that was self explanatory as to why the person acted in the said manner! My husband keeps laughing it off as nonsense! He believes that every zodiac is attributed with the same characteristics and that the astrologer uses different words to make them look different. I beg to differ. Simple test being, check your friend list and categorize them as per their zodiac signs and then you’d most definitely see the pattern. Exceptions do exist but then they are just that! Thanks to Google I check various astrology sites. Some are useless sites which have done the cut, c