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When Did Being Nice to People Become "People Pleasing"?

  Credits: anaanyatyagi on instagram Have you noticed little kids walk up to you with flowers/ shiny objects or anything they hold dear, if they like you? Have you ever had a welcome more endearing than that given to you by your furry buddy? Why, retrievers pick up their favourite toy or anything they can get their snout on and come to you with their tails and behinds shaking vigorously! What is your reaction when you are at the receiving end of this affection/adoration? Does it raise an eyebrow or does it make you feel make you feel on top of the world? I am guessing that in a normal world of sane people this would bring warmth to your heart and a big smile to your face! My question is when did the happiness of a flower given to you by a kindergartner turn into buttering up the teacher in grade one/two? Till date, when I am happy and when I love or even like someone dearly/not so dearly, I instinctively want to do something for them, to see a smile on their face. It brings a broader


      A Happy and Prosperous New Year Dear Readers! After a great 2020- great as in colossal in terms of the lows, the few highs and the wakeup call, here comes a year that promises us a huge shift! After all, we are heralding the age of the Aquarius; the kickstart being the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on 21Dec2020, after 600 years in an air sign! I believe the year gone by has taught us resilience, patience and the perfect platform to understand the difference between our wants and our needs. This year will get you to have a major shift in your thinking. In 2021, we can look forward to out of the box thinking in the truest sense, a sense of equality and the establishment of it, a certain rebelliousness to old, traditional, time tested ways/institutions and lots more both personally and as a collective. In the tarot world, the card that represents this year is the Hierophant or the High Priest. It represents institutions, higher learning, tradition, religion a