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                                               I get a frantic call early one morning. My mother! She never calls so early I thought and quickly sent up a prayer for all to be well. It was and it wasn’t. By God’s grace, Daddy and she were fine but she had witnessed poltergeist in real life! “My phone is making calls and sending voice messages on its own”, she blurts out hysterically. “X Aunty said that some gibberish via voice mail was posted on the society group from my number. I have also been told I’ve been calling people whom I never called.” I had just finished my meditation but the effects of it wore out instantly and I said, “You must have pressed something without realizing it” to which she snapped with a “Don’t teach me! I know how to handle a phone.” Apparently, the poltergeist had stopped fiddling with her old phone and started attacking her new one. “We’ll come over and sort it out”, I added wondering how it was going to turn out. As luck would have it, shortly after we r


  Read at your own risk!    Zombie taking over…         Why is Haryana pronounced Har-ya-na in every language but Kerala pronounced Ke- ral in Hindi? Why is the ‘a’ eaten? Makes no sense and bugs me to no end.          Why is that men graduate from Master to Mister at 18 and that has nothing to do with their marital status but for ladies Miss is unmarried and Mrs. is married and this vague Ms. is not understood by anyone?           Why do people you love and who supposedly love you back, go out of their way to cheer you up and get you to smile only to wipe it off your face moments later? It makes no sense and drives me nuts!          Why do we ask questions and not pay attention to answers if it isn’t what we wanted to hear? Isn’t it better to ask our own self the question and be satisfied with what we want to hear? External validation sucks!          Why is it that when people meet often, they have nothing better to do than bash someone up (not literally)- either someone who is no


  “The innocence and imagination that appears in the hearts of young children. As the children grow older, they become more mature and gain more responsibilities. They lose their muchness.” I was sent this message by a dear friend and I don’t know who said/wrote this originally but the word has stayed with me since. Do dwell on that for a while. It is so important and just taken as a given. “That’s life” or “This is reality” should not let us accept it but we do, mostly without giving it a second thought. I believe that at the very least, once we are made aware of it, like you are now being made aware and like I was, a week ago, it is imperative that we look into it. It is slow death for creators of any kind and definitely a dementor (Harry Potter is in my blood) that sucks out happiness from everyone. I am facing it big time with most of my fiction work not progressing because it feels too “in the face” or “too straight from the movies” or “that just doesn’t happen in real life”. Th