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Marital Discord: Who is to Blame?

Credits: Standing on the rear balcony and pulling out clothes from my washing machine to dry out, I heard a man’s loud and angry voice, “Can you ever keep this house clean? There’s a dead pigeon on top. Call the cleaner at once” to which I could hear a distant, irritated, shrill reply from his wife, “Why do you have to start your cleaning operation after the sweeping and swabbing has been done?” The door opened as she came out and screamed in despair, “Look at the mess you have created! There is no one to clean it up.” He raised his voice and began condemning her rudely by which time I had gathered the wet pile of clothes and quickly rushed back into my house. I then walked to the other balcony (yes, this house has three, lucky me!) to hang out the clothes and there I see the silhouette of the man who was still shouting. He hadn’t seen me. I hurriedly hung the clothes as he spat the words out, “aaj aane do tumhare bete ko, dono taange thod doonga uski” (let your son

Basic Skills to Survive When You Leave the Comforts of Home

Credits: People (read young adults) would much rather read a blog and learn than hear it from the old fogies (read parents) back home! Keeping that in mind this devious mother has chosen the topic for her son, who would leave home in less than a year if all goes well or in less than two years if he takes a drop year. Credits: While the son cannot wait to fly the coop, the mother is all frantic about what her son is going to do considering the fact that she has spoilt him rotten in so many years! His training has started (errands for Mom- buying vegetables after identifying them for you’d be surprised how they forget them after kindergarten, groceries, giving clothes for ironing and collecting it, making tea…) because after this he would never be back in the same way as before- that’s the way it ought to be as well!   Credits: The period between a young adult leaving home to the time he/she gets married is a long one in

Love: Why Be Unfair to it?

redits: Love: The most beautiful of all emotions and perhaps the only emotion that is so badly treated! Osho, how I love his thought, said that we compartmentalize love and in doing so we ruin it. How very true! Credits: Love is a limitless emotion. It cannot and should not be bound. It knows no territory, caste, socio-economic status, gender, age, handicap or anything else. It is unconditional and it is for all. The only emotion that actually has the power to tide over every problem and bring the world together, Love, has been so wrongly misused and we as a society need to change that. Credits: Let’s get back to basics. A meets/knows B. A and B spend time together and talk about a lot many things; laugh together. A and B like each other. They spend more time together and understand each other a lot more. The more they interact, the more A and B want each other’s company. A and B love each other. It is possible that m