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Is Responsibility Meant to be Only in a Few Hands?

Credits: As I sit helpless and frustrated in a pool of tears, I cannot wonder why we as a race are not responsible! Why is responsibility palmed off so easily even when we have the power to set things right? I had been eyeing my unusually dirty buckets for the past two days and making a note to tell the cleaner to clean it while doing a temporary cleaning act after my bath. As is common place with me these days, the minute I exit a room, I forget about it because each new room I enter has a whole list of things waiting to be sorted. So it took me two days before I got the cleaner to clean all the buckets and mugs which is a huge decision for me due to the water shortage we face. After those were made sparkly, my husband observes that the water is dirty and I realize it wasn’t the buckets but the water. While flowing from the taps, water didn’t look muddy but indeed it was! Credits: So, early next morning the man who made the observation

Twenty Four Hours

Credits: One full day; a single rotation of this mighty earth on its axis; twenty four hours; it means different things to different people. It begins and ends in different ways- for each of us. Not for the cosmos. Everything is just the same, just as it should be. The Earth doesn’t get irritable and spin faster on some days or spin slowly on others due to boredom or laziness. No! Such mood swings are just us, no one else- not plants nor animals unless humans have entered their lives, that is. On second thoughts, the cosmos does have emotions; when you push it too far natural calamities that threaten our existence occur and when all is well we have rainbows and happy clouds, sunshine and all things bright and beautiful!! The house is quiet today and it feels weird but tense. Weird because it was a long weekend with everyone at home and now they are all off to their respective places of work. Though my kids are past the stages where they make noise or seek at

Nature's Fury Unleashed on God's Own Country...What Can We Do?

Credits: August 2018 has seen rain wreaking devastation in God’s Own Country, Kerala. The little state on the south western Malabar Coast is endowed with Nature’s abundance and receives more than a fair amount of rainfall every year. This year the rains played havoc and after nearly a hundred years, the state has been hit with floods of this magnitude rendering over two lakhs of the population homeless, in relief camps and the death toll crossing three hundred and fifty and rising. Estimated damage is more than 10,000crores. Credits: The News channels covering the situation show us how bad and depressing the situation is and yet, the reality is much worse. Shutters of thirty five of forty two dams have been opened! I was told by a friend this morning and we were chatting about how we had no idea that the little state of ours had so many dams! I read up about them and while some say there are 38-39, wiki says 42 with a list to support so I stand by 42 thou

The Universal Punching Bag

What would the synonym for a universal punching bag be? Simple answer to that is Mom ! Yes, this blog I dedicate to my mother, in her Birthday month and God knows that over the years, she has been a strong, resilient, patient, never complaining (I am exaggerating here) punching bag to not one or two but three members of the family, her husband, son and daughter. Now your question would be, “You said ‘Mom’ was punching bag so how could she be your Dad’s punching bag too after all she is his wife not mother?” Ah! That mystery we shall save for later. Credits: Do you know what God put into a mother after he put in her heart and womb? He put in shock absorbers! He knew that they would come in handy as soon as she became a mother and were going to be needed, if she was lucky, till her children became responsible adults and her husband lost his voice or else, she would need them as long as she lived. Knowing my father, brother and me well enough, I hate to admit, my mother w

Are We So Jobless?

Credits: My question to everyone out there who is ready to share an opinion, mostly negative, on everything that doesn’t concern them: Are you so jobless? I really need to know this. Do you get paid for it? This is not a sarcastic question but a genuine one! The word ‘troll’ infuriates me and it is such a common term these days. Just when we had enough of the word awesome (spelt in every other way except the correct one and spoken with varied intonation), here comes another one. My thirteen year old uses it so often and as I roll up my eyes for the umpteenth time, I wonder how to control myself lest I end up with those “rolly” eyes on stickers of animals or cartoon characters! I need to know why there is a need to bring down Ekta Kapoor (producer and director of soaps and movies) for her dress sense, Priyanka Chopra (film actor) for her relationship with Nick Jonas (singer), Deepika Padukone (actor) for looking dark, Chloe Moretz (actor and model) for exces