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A Random Thought!

Time: 1315h Venue: Café Coffee day at Shoppers Stop Credits: After a rather unsuccessful shopping trip, my mother and I reached Shoppers Stop and headed to the leather section, didn’t find what we wanted yet again and decided to have a quick coffee before rushing back in time for the children.  Credits: This mother-daughter trip was happening after nearly two months and was planned with much excitement. With many Leos to shop for (birthday month approaching), it was supposed to be grand shopping and there were a lot many sales so we were thrilled. Credits: Disappointed! We didn’t get anything we were looking for. Not that we didn’t shop but it was for the sake of it. As it is the day began with delays, first the domestic helps, then the cab, with a driver who was new on the job and didn’t know any place! This followed by loads of traffic and finally, nothing of our choice! We had one hour and forty five minutes

Guilty of Being Guilty

Credits: The world of Guilt is a bad place to be. We have a conscience. Our ideas of morality stem up from it! Our world, our society is made possible because of it. All the law and order is based on it. We are encouraged as tiny tots to differentiate right from wrong with such emphasis, that slowly and steadily our ideals are more important to us than ourselves or our well being. Credits: The more simple, straightforward and orthodox our parents are the more guilt we imbibe in our being. Scope of error is minimal. So, do we become perfect? No, we are humans after all. If we venture out, we will err and it is then that this guilt begins to raise its ugly head. As kids, we make plenty of mistakes for we are just about learning (that we continue to learn till the end of our lives is forgotten) and therefore, we are forgiven but not without a moral lecture. As we start growing, the words in the moral lecture are heavier, the examples scarier, the e

Thus Spake Exuberance Unlimited, FR - The UK Chapter

Credits: After forty four years of my life in my wonderful country,  India and having been blessed with an opportunity to travel across its length and breadth throughout my life (and yet, so much remains unseen), I recently got an opportunity to visit another country. As they say, when it rains, it pours! So, it ended up being not one or two or three countries but a total of ten!! Something of a jack of all trades and master of none situation, you might say! We had been making plans for a while and they always got shelved mostly for monetary and leave availability reasons. Yet, when the time is right, everything falls into place. My Mom-in-law came to a fairly hefty sum of money from her property which she generously distributed amongst her two sons. At around the same time, a certain tour manager came to my mother’s notice, who created great packages at reasonable costs and was advertising for a Europe trip. Knowing that it would interest me, she told me abo