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Another Journey Begins and You Are Invited!

At the start of this year 2020, I embarked on a new journey and into the world of Tarot. The passion has only been growing since and a post by Matt Sandrini on Medium, helped me get over my hesitation and move ahead with creating my YouTube channel on the 23Jun2020. It is called Clarity1129 tarot and the link to the same is given here. The channel includes pick-a-card tarot readings for the collective and aims to throw light upon different areas of your life as is depicted in the cards. Tarot is an effective medium to use for clarity and guidance, sometimes even for solace and comfort, if used moderately. It can be extremely addictive if one keeps listening to reading after reading, mindlessly. If that happens, you will have no clarity but a lot of confusion. Remember always, that no energy is stronger than yours and no one has the power to change your destiny but YOU! I have recorded an important message in one of my readings

The Four Letter "F" Word!

Fear! That’s the word I meant! Whoever found a word to describe this terrible feeling knowing that it was a universal trait in all living creatures with a brain! A feeling so limiting and stressful and yet, what is fear but your imagination running wild in most cases!! For Harry Potter fans out there, it can be best explained by the “Boggart”! Fear stems up from perceived peril. So, ideally fear is that morbid feeling in the face of imminent danger where, in that split second you have to decide what next and go for it, in order to survive. This is natural and it works in our favour. It is a result of chemical changes in our bodies in the form of hormone release. This fear is real. Credits: Yet, the fear that plagues us for the greater part of our lives isn’t real fear; it is imaginary. It is the mind working overtime! We conjure up emergency situations and allow fear to take enormous proportions. “What if” situations are aplenty and this very concoction in o