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A New Journey in the New Year

A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS AND PEACEFUL YEAR AND DECADE TO ALL MY READERS AND NON READERS! MAY YOU FIND FREEDOM FROM OLD THOUGHTS AND WAYS OF LIFE THAT SERVE YOU NO LONGER! A tad bit late I guess but heartfelt wishes nevertheless! I did not make resolutions last year for the simple reason that I fall in to the clich├ęd category of those who break it in no time. I keep reassessing where I stand throughout the year but apart from a few points of lesser importance, from my long list of need of the hour resolutions, the rest remain, sadly, undone. Not having any resolutions didn’t make me a more efficient person in 2019 but did contribute to reduced stress levels. In 2018, I did practice trying to live in the present and I am still struggling with it but be it then or now this phenomenon has been happening at best in spurts! It was possibly the most important and liberating resolution of all time. (