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Break Free While You Can and Liberate the Generations to Come!

  A few years ago, while I was still a part of the Facebook phase, I came across an article or was it an animated video, I fail to remember, but I laughed when I saw/read it and I remember having told my daughter about it. It was a lesson for us but it is only now that the depth of that lesson has sunk in. The story might be a bit distorted since my memory isn’t that strong (after all I don’t even remember if it was an article or a video) but you will get the hang of it. A young girl was watching her mother fry fish in a skillet minus the head and tail after which she would fry the head. The girl asked her mother why she didn’t fry the whole fish to which her mother replied that this was how it was meant to be and that her mother did it the same way just as her mother did before that! The girl kept that in her mind and questioned her grandma at the first opportune moment. Her grandma said that she did what her mother did and it worked well. The girl was fortunate enough to have her g