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Altruistic or Codependent?

  Altruistic or Codependent, what are you? Does the question seem vague or as though it is an odd choice between two options which aren’t necessarily related? Think again. It was an eye-opener for me as well. In fact, the past two years or more have been such a roller coaster ride for me, in terms of spiritual growth if you’d like to call it that. I would describe it as a process that has shaken a lot of my core concepts making the “musingswhileunlearning” blog title a prophecy of sorts! Altruism is when you have selfless concern for another’s well-being. Your act of kindness, be it to a stranger or someone you know rises out of the pureness of your generous heart with no vested interest, even remotely. This was a term taught to me when I was in grade seven, by my father. He believed and still does in opening his heart out to anyone that might need it with no agenda underlying it. Being naturally inclined to be of service, this piece of wisdom has stayed with me since, allowing me to

Just Another Thought: Does and Should Grief Hit Us the Same Way?

  Being a movie buff all my life, I’ve surprised myself over the past year and a half by hardly wanting to watch a film. Yes, I do love watching movies in a theatre but I have no qualms of watching it on TV or on the computer and with Netflix running all the latest movies it is really unlike me to not want to watch anything at all. And then it happened! I forced myself to be normal (read my old self) again. I was hoping for some company but none seemed interested so I picked out a movie called “Pagglait” after my husband’s review and affirmation that it didn’t have a sad ending. I just cannot stomach tragedies anymore. The movie begins on the day after the funeral of a young man who has just been married for five months. The setting is of his house, where his parents are visibly distraught with grief having lost their flesh and blood and then there are the others including the young widow (played to perfection by Sanya Malhotra) who is busy scrolling and making a mental note of the n