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25 Insights into the Aquarian Woman

Image Being hooked on to zodiac signs from as far as I can remember, I have read and continue to read a lot of material on the same. I would be lying if I said I read about all sun signs with the same amount of interest and to the same detail as I do a select few (for obvious reasons)!! In fact, very often in posts I make references to someone or the other being of a certain zodiac sign as though that was self explanatory as to why the person acted in the said manner! My husband keeps laughing it off as nonsense! He believes that every zodiac is attributed with the same characteristics and that the astrologer uses different words to make them look different. I beg to differ. Simple test being, check your friend list and categorize them as per their zodiac signs and then you’d most definitely see the pattern. Exceptions do exist but then they are just that! Thanks to Google I check various astrology sites. Some are useless sites which have done the cut, c

Inferi, Zombie & Me-Now!

Credits: Inferius (plural inferi): A corpse that is reanimated by a Dark Wizard’s spell- a term that came to us from Harry Potter, the origins of which are explained by JK Rowling in Pottermore! Credits: Zombie: Similar to the Inferius in that they are also reanimated dead, they have their origins in Haiti and parts of Africa. They have been used widely in movies and texts mostly to aid horror! Me-Now: Not dead so not reanimated but with a blank and robotic existence on most days! Credits: Does it happen to others I wonder when they walk with determined steps to the refrigerator, open it and stare hard at its contents till the music starts playing to remind, that the door has been ajar for too long? Worse, the reminder that got us out of the zombie stare still cannot get us to remember what we want so we promptly shut the fridge and walk back to where we came from, pick up something to do and Ah! We remember and

The Garbage Collector

Credits: Unlike the West, where there are three (or more) huge bins for different types of waste and specified days of a week where each bin gets emptied, in India this ritual has not caught on completely. The bins have been distributed in some housing societies and are functional but in most they have come with the instruction to not use them till further orders. In a few societies more than a year has elapsed since then! The present garbage disposal system still has us putting all kinds of waste into one bag, which is collected from our doorstep on a daily basis.  I live in a colony which has twenty one blocks, most of which have five floors and four to six apartments on each floor. It is a well maintained complex, run by veterans who reside here. The place is green with loads of trees dotting the entire area. Parks and grounds for the elderly and children have been made with great care. Plenty of benches and shaded bus stops can be seen by the roadsides betw