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Ego Death: Learn, Create, Expand!

Image A lot many of us believe that ego drives us to achievement. To an extent it is true. A husband smirks at his wife, “you just can’t drive to save your life, not even to the supermarket next door and you tell me you are going out to the movies on your own, driving, ten kilometers away! Ha!” The wife hurt by the tone; ego crushed by the smirk actually takes that car and goes to the movies. Ego satisfied. She never ventures out again. In a few cases, she actually breaks the fear cycle with that one move but it is usually rare. This is one silly example and there are a lot many such examples albeit different relationships and situations. The outcomes as I mentioned earlier are, more often than not, temporary. To permanently put fear to rest and actually break out of self-limiting beliefs, we have to kill our egos, once and for all. When we kill the “I” and surrender to the Universe, and focus on achieving whatever we want to, we liberate ourselves and reach our hi

What Else?

A weird title for a blog you would think but these two words that make a seemingly harmless question, have put me into loads of trouble! These are the first words my Dad utters over the phone after the initial greeting! He also asks this very same question a couple of times more during the conversation till I put my big foot into my bigger mouth and then…all hell breaks loose! My father has never been a fan of speaking over the phone for gossip. It was drummed into us (my brother and I) as kids, that a telephone was to be used sparingly, only to convey essential information and needless gossip was to be avoided (it was indirectly meant for my mother as well!) The phone was for work and emergencies and was not to be kept engaged. It was understandable considering the fact that he was in the Armed Forces. Years went by, we grew up, he retired and mobile phones made their way into the market and then into our lives! My mother would speak to everyone for long hours and she still does t