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Who Says School Days Were/Are the Best Days of Our Life?

Credits: What do you do if you pass on an undesirable gene to your child? Amongst many traits I may or may not have passed on to my kids, this is one trait I have passed on to my daughter- utter dislike for school! Credits: From as far as I can remember till the very last day of my twelfth grade, I strongly disliked (I have been actively practicing to avoid use of the word hate) going to school. Without exaggeration, I had a stomach ache every morning before I left home and nearly always had tears in my eyes. When I was in kindergarten, I used to roll in the mud outside home, crying, even as my mother and the maid would unsuccessfully try and get me up to walk to school which was nearby. An Army Officer, our neighbour, used to emerge from his home for work at about the same time with a baton in his hand much to my mother’s satisfaction and my horror. My mother who happily used fear as a weapon (very successfully) to keep me in check had told