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Living with Constant Manipulation by Choice!

Gaslighting, brainwashing, swaying, emotional blackmail or whatever you may call it, manipulation has unfortunately been seen in all relationships, knowingly or unknowingly, to some degree. The most common form in near and dear relationships being that of emotional blackmail, which usually both parties are aware of and which usually has some mutuality in it. It may even be seen as a form of possessiveness or neediness in love. The problem happens when it crosses the level of emotional blackmail and one person uses manipulation techniques in a subtle manner, slowly and steadily, without the other person realizing it to gain control over the other. However, I am not talking about relationships of any kind. I am about to address something that is manipulating the entire mobile and social media crazy world. Credits: “The Social Dilemma” by Jeff Orlowski is a docudrama that was recently released on Netflix about social media and its negative effects on the entire populati

Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth: Embrace Your Dark Side!

  The concept of sin and virtue comes from religion. It comes from the need to run a society amicably and without chaos. It makes sense too, especially because human beings had, over a period of time since their evolution, moved away from the natural order, and with their ingenious brain made a life so luxurious and so appealing to the senses that slowly and steadily they moved away from the concept of moderation and began doing/ consuming/ using more than they needed, in every walk of life. The few visionaries that existed would have seen the mayhem that lay ahead if this mindlessness continued and so rules were laid out in the name of God (and away from Pagan concept of worshipping the classic elements) and societies and religions made, as we know it today. Its importance has not diminished in any way but the original intention of those visionaries, slowly and steadily have been interpreted in ways to suit different agendas. Humans are animals but dangerous animals for they have

Proving Your Mettle: Recipe for Sabotaging Your Happiness!

  Credits: “Prove them wrong”, “Show them what you can do, prove to them that you are not weak”, “Prove your mettle and your detractors will go silent”, “Let your work speak for you”…these seemingly encouraging words, aimed at egging you on, aimed at not letting you give up are the very words that take the joy out of your life. You must think I’ve lost my marbles! And, I don’t blame you, for this is what we have been told all our life. These very words right from the word go, instill in us, the need for external validation. These are the very same words that teach us that competition is essential. And so, I believe, these are the very words passed on from generation to generation, that teach us insecurity, mistrust and poor self-worth/ self-esteem. My husband walked in a few minutes ago and read the title and the first line of my blog and gave me the look of a man finding out that he was with a demented woman. He does think I have a skewed brain. No, he doesn’t say so exp