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Past Life Regression

Credts: In the early 2000s, a channel had launched a serial of limited episodes in which volunteers w ith nagging problems were hypnotized and taken to their previous births. They would rattle out all that they could see and end up narrating some traumatic experience or the other, that happened then and which was still wreaking havoc in their present day lives. The hypnotist would say encouraging words to their patient, healing those wounds in the process and then, slowly get them back to the present. The show was replete with drama and it had me hooked. However, it stopped abruptly but continued to stay in my mind albeit dormant. I love mysticism, astrology and predictions- and have been intrigued by the unknown from my early years. (At this point I must add that I am not the Baba kind, just in case you label me as such!) Lack of Google while growing up has possibly kept me sane so far. I say so because I am forever checking something on these lines; there is plenty

Monkey Tales

Image Gorakhpur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh is predominantly famous for its Gorakhnath temple and Kushinagar, where Buddha is said to have left for his heavenly abode. There are a multitude of things that make a place famous. Currently, it is also famous as the city from where the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh hails. Located on the banks of river Rapti which swells up every few years and scares the population around it with the threat of flooding, it is a unique city which has all the typical peculiarities of UP and yet is a little more conservative than the rest of the state. The dialect is typical but the people are a lot simpler. Credits: I do not intend talking about the city itself but about a special feature that affected my year and a half long stay here. I feel I owe it to them to dedicate this piece for the innumerable times I have cursed them under my breath. Rhesus macaques! Our set up being well tucked in, amidst Sal forests, it woul

Morning Walks: Hate it, Love it

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”_ Henry David Thoreau Feeling wonderful after the walk this morning! It wasn’t early morning either. I began the walk as late as 0900h, on a sunny August morning after the rains had taken a break for three days in a row. With my earphones plugged, I trudged along and my mood was instantly lifted as a light breeze blew past my face and hair. Thirty minutes before, I was trying my best to convince myself to go while finding a long list of excuses, not to do so. I must add that my brain does come up with really convincing ones at this hour. The meek voice in my head was not put out completely though. The reminder that I had been disciplined for quite a while now and not going would get me back two steps, could not be put out. The evil bit of me said that there was extra work piled up, today was water day and clothes had to be washed and that the Sun was scorching. Surprisingly, the easily subdued part of me did a googly. It pla

The Birth of Yet Another Blogger!

At 43, I can no longer contain my need to express. I haven’t been the quiet, holding-everything-within-me kind of person and yet, if I am truly honest, whatever I have expressed even at my lowest low, has been well edited. Sometimes, it is easier to let yourself known to an audience whom you don’t know than to those close and trusted well wishers. Sounds vague, doesn’t it? It isn’t though, for you are not looking for endorsement or appreciation from people you don’t know but you are afraid to be judged by those that matter. Musings while unlearning has been born on impulse amidst a frustrating morning that has begun badly. I have been wanting to blog for a while but it seemed complicated, the domain name didn’t seem right, the fire in the belly was put out and many such nonsensical reasons. Today, however, the emotional explosion has made it unbearable to keep within! The domain name made itself clear to me as the only way to change my life. I have to unlearn those seemingly all