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Earth Angels in the Age of Aquarius!

Earth Angels are beings that are here to save the Earth and must be hailed as such. Let us transform and be one! The Earth, our Mother, is crying for help and we are aware of it. The enormity of work required to set things right is enough for most people to feign indifference as a defense mechanism or even easier, blame it on the Government!  Do not get me wrong; there are a lot of Earth Angels working individually or in organizations of different kinds and NGOs, along with the Governments, that are working diligently to save the planet even as some of us couldn't be bothered with putting trash in separate bins if we are not fined or for that matter, putting trash into any bin!! I like to believe that all humans are born good. Education (not just books) and circumstances be it family, economic background, guidance or lack of it, and so much more contribute to our world view. Despite everything, everyone deep down inside, and in the presence of the devil within each of us, still has