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A to Z

  Before I begin the blog, I would like to thank all my readers that keep me going. It has been nearly three years and four months since I got this blog rolling and I haven’t followed the norms of writing at least 100 blogs in the first year for maximum viewership because this blog is after my own heart. It isn’t a punishment or a drill. I write when I am called to do so. In fact, this is just my 88 th blog but I had to stop to express my gratitude. My views have crossed 60, 000 and I have readers from 113 countries as on date. A shout out to all of you wherever you are, and a BIG THANK YOU and hoping you’d be back again! A HUGE shout out to Hong Kong for maximum viewership followed by India, Israel, USA and Germany in that order. I am overwhelmed by your support. Every time I sit down to pen a blog it always ends up being a social message or something serious even when it was not my intention. My kids roll up their eyes and say “we know” as if to tell me that our fun time also ends

Defensive No More!

  Are you defensive? Before you say a defensive “No!” think again! We all are or have been defensive at some point in our lives and will continue to be at other points in our life despite the blog! Then why am I taking the pains to even pen this down, you’d wonder?! Well, the effort behind this one, is to understand what being defensive is, why we do it and what we can do to reduce this behavior to a point that it becomes practically non-existent! If you can go back to instances from your past, when someone has asked you as to why you are being defensive or to those instances when you have been quick to answer even at the cost of cutting someone’s question halfway, you will find that being defensive is a reaction, an impulsive retaliation and not a well thought out response. This is because it is our defense mechanism that kicks in from what we perceive as potential danger. It is a knee jerk reaction to protect ourselves- a primal instinct. Think about it; if someone is asking us a