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What Does My Dream Life Look Like?

  I have taken a week off from the tarot world and every other world to concentrate on myself, a long-neglected self. No YouTube tracking and no Insta. No games except for a few quizzes on Sporcle, from the desktop and not phone. I actually deleted the crossword game that I was having so much fun with. I had solved 106 plus crossword in two days. Yes, I am a game addict. Deleted. Today is the sixth day and I haven’t had epiphanies of any kind. I have had a haircut though, an at-home spa day, been working on my plants, a bit more physical activity which, I am sure, can do with a lot of improvement and have been incorporating fruit into my diet- as fruit - not pies or dessert. And lots of water. The idea behind this whole exercise was to take a first step towards actually understanding myself from within. And so, most importantly, I have dedicated some time to doing nothing. Letting my thoughts flow while doing nothing. Out of the blue, a question popped up in my head a couple of day