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Sexuality in India and Sunny Leone

Credits: Sunny Leone visited Kerala, God’s own country, on 17 August 2017 and was overwhelmed to see the population on the streets. She was touched by the love they showed her!! We know it wasn’t love!!! Forbidden lust, more like it! For a person who reads the Newspaper only for the crossword and Sudoku, astrology forecasts and comic strips, this huge event was missed. Recently however, while wrapping something in a newspaper, the image of a crowd and Sunny Leone’s name appeared with my very own Kochi written on it! I delved into the matter. I checked her out on Wikipedia and I am impressed! So much so that I am writing a blog of a nearly taboo subject, especially for a woman, while my sixteen year old son walks in and raises an eyebrow after reading the title. I had to shut down and shoo him away while he gave me an amused smile.   Credits: Hindustan Times My mind began working overtime wondering how hypocrisy entered our lives. I write this again, in the Indi

The Suspicious Spouse

Little did I realize, as I walked groggily to the front door this morning, that I was going to be shaken up from my stupor with something so unpleasant that would play on my mind all day- all through the million chores that awaited me and an ailing daughter! I let the maid in, who normally has a pleasant expression on her face. Short and round with a face to match, well rounded high and pink cheekbones and a face that is ready to break into a smile; she naturally brings out a smile in me as well. Only, today, she didn’t smile. Was it because I was still half asleep after my chaotic night?  Fifteen minutes later, after I had brightened up some more, I handed her a cup of tea and biscuits and began explaining to her what was expected of her that morning. As I finished, she asked me if I remembered her getting a call last evening from her daughter. I nodded with a vague “hmmm” wondering why she expected me to remember. “It was my daughter wailing at her plight, Amma.” “I don’t know