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The Grand Masquerade

As I mentioned in my previous blog which was also my first blog of the year 2020, I am totally steeped in the world of tarot! If I am not trying out different spreads or trying to understand each card, I am listening to various readings on YouTube. If my husband heard what I have been listening to, he’d have serious doubts about my fidelity!! After all, apart from zodiac predictions and a few wishy-washy career related ones, they only have readings for finding a new love or getting back to an old flame/ twin flame/soulmate! I hear them often from different readers since I am learning for free and each reader interprets the same card in different ways depending on what cards show up with it. In fact, I have heard so many in the short span of a month that I can, within the first thirty seconds, know if it is an intuitive reading or one that is just selling you dreams. Credits: My daughter One theme that keeps coming up in love readings is betrayal and wearing of masks. In f