This Valentine's Day Onward...


💝Love yourself (it is not all that difficult once you begin healing and yes, that is tough, I admit but definitely, worth your while).

💝Observe without judgement.

💝Interact without judgement.

💝Accept your weaknesses.

💝Accept the same in others.

💝Set your boundaries firmly.

💝Accept that those close (even not so close) to you, won’t like it.

💝Respect the boundaries set by others.

💝Do not overshare or over give.

💝Decide to choose happiness (it will be challenging since we get more done with a grouchy look, I understand).

💝Know that No is a sentence. No explanations needed.

💝Spend time in Nature, when you can.

💝Save soil, save water, do not litter mindlessly, reduce excessive consumption of anything; do your bit consistently to save the planet whether or not others are doing it. Plus, you do not need recognition for giving back to the planet that nurtures you.

💝Respect Time.

💝Be kind and respectful to every form of life.

💝Be graceful as you wait- in a queue, at home, at work or in life. Good things will come. You will get all that is meant for you.

💝Be humble.

💝Don’t post everything you do on social media- you do not need external validation that you are awesome, living the life or whatever else. You need to give yourself everything you seek from anyone outside yourself.

💝Be vulnerable; be authentic (very difficult if you have been burnt by life- we all have and that makes it more challenging! Let us rise to the challenge).

💝Let us liberate Love from the boxes we put it in.

Sending my readers, non-readers and those who have no idea this blog exists, Love, Strength, Hope, Balance, Kindness and Understanding!! Sending it out there into the Universe and let it rain down upon us!! Peace!!!💝💖💝💖💝💝




  1. After so so so long I finally logged on to read your blog and what a beautiful no nonsense blog this! Every single bit resonates with my ideology of life in general. But most of all it’s got to be the social media one. I wonder often about the people who post incessantly about their private lives on Social Media. Particularly so, I fail to understand or grasp ‘influencers’. More on WhatsApp now. Keep them blogs coming ✨👌

    1. Yayy! Welcome back Anonymous! After all the spam comments I have been getting from porn to casino, it feels good to get to hear something about the blog from someone who has read it! You have been missed!!
      It would resonate with your ideology, Saturn born!! I am ruled, in part, by Saturn too!!
      Thank you very much!! :) <3
      I hope I write more often and you stop by often too :)


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