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Healing the Inner Child

When dark clouds surround us, like the current situation the world over- with this dreadful pandemic that has changed our lives, we tend to recollect our past, our good times and bad; our follies and our lost friendships; our loved ones who have passed on; those relationships that we'd rather keep under wraps  and important events that have dotted our journey. Today, I have reached a place in my life where I can see things from a different perspective- where all those clich├ęs make sense. No, I do not claim to know it all but I am willing to delve deeper into issues that trigger unpleasant emotions. I need and I am ready for a cleanse from all things that stop me from being the person I am meant to be- and thus, I begin my inner child healing. My aim, with every piece that I write to share with an audience (including the light-hearted, frivolous ones), is laced with the hope that I might benefit even a single soul with my words while bringing solace to my own self. It is my

What After Covid 19?

The last time I stepped out of my home was on 20 Mar 2020. It is 03 Apr 2020. I live on the fourth floor and I get my requirement of sun and air from my one and only balcony. The other three members of the family go out once a day with the fourth member of the family- our pup, Joey! I am asthmatic and so I am taking more precautions in this situation of not interacting with anyone outside and I am quite a pain for the other members of the family with my excessive hygiene rituals. So, how is the morale? High! The secret to that is acceptance. Of course, I basically am a home body so it helps but do I need to have the freedom of going where I want to, when I want to whether I choose to or not! I am quite at peace with the lock down, concentrating on the positives of this scary reality. Firstly, making good the chance of being a responsible citizen which helps the Country and the World. It is the need of the hour! Second, having the family home and spending quality time with