Earth Angels in the Age of Aquarius!

Earth Angels are beings that are here to save the Earth and must be hailed as such. Let us transform and be one!

The Earth, our Mother, is crying for help and we are aware of it. The enormity of work required to set things right is enough for most people to feign indifference as a defense mechanism or even easier, blame it on the Government! 

Do not get me wrong; there are a lot of Earth Angels working individually or in organizations of different kinds and NGOs, along with the Governments, that are working diligently to save the planet even as some of us couldn't be bothered with putting trash in separate bins if we are not fined or for that matter, putting trash into any bin!!

I like to believe that all humans are born good. Education (not just books) and circumstances be it family, economic background, guidance or lack of it, and so much more contribute to our world view. Despite everything, everyone deep down inside, and in the presence of the devil within each of us, still has a heart that is beautiful and that wants to grow and be kind. A heart that is looking for acceptance and guidance. Keeping this in mind, let us go on to discover, how we can identify and support Earth Angels and in doing so, become Earth Angels ourselves.

Even before that, we should identify what threatens the Earth before we can change things for the better. 


This, single handedly is the reason that Mother Gaia is crying silently and sometimes, when it gets too much, letting out her wrath (Covid, remember?) Humans, unfortunately, are the culprits! The most evolved species causing the most damage!! Whatever else you talk about be it global warming, climate change, overgrazing, deforestation...all begin with overpopulation of humans.

With an increase in life span and no sense of birth control, sometimes no sense of anything at all, we are fast consuming our natural resources, increasing poverty and moving really fast to our own prophecies of doom!! Sadly, education doesn't do much because the harm is being caused by both the educated and uneducated alike.

The Universe is at the final stages of tolerance before it decides to wipe out a species perhaps to save a beautiful and abundant planet!! With the Age of Aquarius, the Universe has taken on a major role in healing the planet. It is not something that has suddenly sprung up.

The Universe has found a solution to overpopulation! Have you noticed how difficult it has become for people to conceive naturally? Of course, the doctors and specialists are doing the best they can but if you look at statistics, you will see! Also, more and more couples are opting to adopt and not have their own children. Earth Angels right there! The biggest shout out is to the LGBTQ+ community- the game changers. God's special creation, the Haloed Earth Angels! Instead of them coming out of the closet, those of us who want to have more than two children (even that is too many), should go into one!

Those of us who already have children can still be Earth Angels if we can guide our own children to adopt children when they want to grow and expand as a family. Or at least have one biological child and one adopted. In fact, I feel this should be enforced the world over- anyone wanting to have a kid must adopt another. Or for every child you plan to have, you have to adopt one. So, wannabe parents know and plan their budget before procreating like rabbits. 

If this does become a norm, this planet can be saved. Think ahead. We can do this. Let us spread awareness. It is a win-win situation for all. Over time, maybe hundreds of years later, all children will be cared for in families, not orphanages and humans would still exist! All laws in place for children's safety. Also, incentives for those who voluntarily embrace the idea, follow it and lead by example. This earth needs you and more importantly, YOU need this Earth to live!!

There are infinite number of things you can do for this planet on a small scale, like conserving water and electricity, car pooling etc. If each person does it, just think of how it will help but all this will be a lot more effective if the people on the planet were just as many as we should be, maintaining the ecological balance. Think about it for now. Maybe, someday sooner than later, this will come to everybody's mind organically and we will willingly put it into action!


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