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One Crime, One Punishment

The Indian Penal Code definitely talks about it and it probably holds good in many other countries as well, if I am not wrong. It makes sense to penalize a person once for a single crime they commit. You cannot keep punishing a person over and over again for that one mistake they made. If the offence is severe, the punishment is severe; if there are multiple crimes then there are multiple punishments. So, the legal system is all in place with their laws to serve us justice. We want nothing less. Do keep this thought with you even though what is coming just after this bears no link with it! Every human being is working towards expansion, in whatever limited way they can. Everyone dreams big whether or not they have the grit to make it a reality. The ones who are actually toiling want to make huge success, even if they say they are just going with the flow. They dream of luxuries, of fame and fortune, of arm candy- the list is endless and the dreams may vary. Film stars, political lead

Anything is Fine!

  Take one guess as to what sparked this blog! Indecision over the menu! I would never want to be the waiter of a polite group! I might end up waiting forever. When our family goes out, the menu invariably reaches me with a “You order”. Is it because I am a foodie while the others are not? NO. I enjoy food indeed but so does my family. Is it because others in my family are indecisive? Absolutely not! With a majority being fixed signs, most of the family are headstrong with absolutely clear and fixed ideas save for my brother and daughter, who are willing to experiment! Then, why don’t they order? No one wants to hear a “no, not that” every time they open their mouth, perhaps. Do I enjoy it? Of course not! Yet, I cannot stand the ambivalence and I know that the minute I open my mouth and order, the order will be replaced quickly in the way they always wanted it, which would be different from what I had ordered. Then, why on earth didn’t they do so in the first place, you’d wonder!! They