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In the Still of the Night...

Insomniacs and light sleepers would know what it is like to lie there waiting for sleep to take over or wake up after an hour of dozing off, feeling both groggy and awake at once, desperate to salvage the remaining hours available for shut eye! I have been battling this off and on for years while trying a number of remedies suggested by many, sailing in the same boat as me. My final resort, usually, is to accept the fact that sleep is not written for me on that night and I just commit myself to keeping my eyes shut and chanting “Om Namah Shivaiy”. I do eventually get sleep on such days about half an hour or an hour before the alarm goes off! I love the stillness and the almost sinister quiet of the afternoons but at night I am restless. I cannot appreciate the night because the thought of getting on with the chores of next day without being able to rest creates panic in my system. Last night was one such night. We had gone over to my parents’ place for lunch a