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Healing the Inner Child - 2

  When I had begun my inner child healing, it was all about identifying why certain things trigger me the way they do. The triggers keep coming up even now and as I have previously mentioned healing is a continual process. In the blog related to inner child healing  (  I talked about meditation and how to practice forgiveness. This blog is to try and give you an idea as how to encourage your inner child to grow and blossom without fear so that you can be free and get in touch with your authentic self. I had written another blog  (  which took me down memory lane to identify the things I loved doing so that I may take up a few of those lost hobbies and get in touch with that part of myself again. To be really honest with you, I have reached a place where I hardly recognize myself anymore. Life does that to you if you st

Mala's Story

  This story is loosely based on the story of a mother and daughter I knew for a couple of years during our stay in Bangalore in 1986. The story has been fictionalized; the names changed as well but the basic core of the story is very real. I was a girl of twelve when my mother told me this poignant tale, for I had witnessed the rather appalling and heart wrenching change of the girl in question. I had made a quiet promise to never get married, if at all I did, till I was financially independent. Of course, I had to convince myself that studies were a nightmare I had to go through which would save me from all the bogey men and their terrors! Credits:   Like most girls, Mala had been ingrained with the idea of growing up to get married, have a home of her own and children to look after. At sixteen, she was impatiently waiting to have a taste of marital bliss. Her marriage had been fixed with her maternal uncle, Raghu, as is prevalent in some states in southern India. Thi