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A Tribute to the Centaur Tribe: Sagittarius

Credits: My Li'l Sagittarian The Sagittarian month is here (23 November - 21 December) and it is only right that I pay a little tribute to these happy, fiercely independent centaurs who know how to live life king size or at least completely on their own terms. I am no astrologer and I haven’t had any formal training but from the time I remember I have been fascinated by zodiac signs. I have read a lot about them, the bible then being Linda Goodman! Previously I have written a blog on the Aquarius woman being one myself. I do not speak in detail about nuances of planetary positions but what I do write comes from interacting with and closely observing people I know, whether I know them well or not. One of my favourite hobbies is to guess what the zodiac of a person might be after interacting with them for a while and more often than not, my guesses usually hit the mark! I have a whole lot of Sagittarian friends, both male and female and also a few close relatives who