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What After Happily Ever After?

Credits: Mr. Darcy has been my all time favourite male character even though I must admit that I have been in love with many male characters, often from mythology. However, these phases usually pass, unlike with            Mr. Darcy, who for me would be the ultimate dream man! Surprisingly, I am not the type who swoons over actors (not that I do not have my favourites there as well) even though certain roles are well etched and to die for, in my memory.  Credits: Colin Firth as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” (the TV mini-series), is one such example.  I liked him as Mr. Mark Darcy in “Bridget Jones Dairy” as well but nothing to beat the former performance. I just realized that I got carried away in that this blog isn’t about   Mr. Darcy per se but about what makes him so desirable and why is he a difficult find in reality! “Pride and Prejudice” like a lot of beautiful romantic novels ends with a “Happily ever aft

A Million Dollar Question- How Do You...?

Credits: A Very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2019 to all my readers and to even those who haven’t stumbled upon the blog yet or have given up reading it altogether! Before I unravel the mystery behind the million dollar question I would like to apologize in advance for beginning the year with this blog but then this question has bothered me for the past three months and now it is crucial that I get an answer to it. Also, just in case you think I have a million dollars to give, if you help me out…well, I am sorry again! Credits: Here goes…How do you tell a person that his socks stink? Do you find that funny or outrightly ridiculous? Well, if you do, it is obvious you haven’t been subjected to such torture. Saying anything unpleasant to anybody is difficult, especially if the person in question is sweet and unobtrusive. The situation I am in is particularly difficult. Three months ago we engaged a tutor to teach our daughter mathe