2023: Breaking Limitations!

 A Happy and Abundant 2023 Dear Readers and a chance to break all your limitations, little by little, till you are rid of everything that holds you back from reaching your fullest potential.

I am not just preaching. I am putting it into practice even as I type this very line! How? Well, I am old school and I try my best to move ahead with the times and I am so empathetic towards the elderly (may not be patient but certainly empathetic) because I get them. I am them despite the fact that I have a little over a year to touch 50. Blame it on the fixed energy in my birth chart!! 

The truth is I would never get over using my desktop and graduate on to a laptop since reaching the desktop was hard enough. I have still not given up my love for paper and pen and it breaks my heart that stationery shops are dwindling in number and in the choices they provide. I digress in my typical manner!! Well, I did buy myself a laptop last year and I have written a blog or two from it. And today, with this blog, I am breaking another barrier as I am typing my first blog using the phone!! 

I do request your support in my endeavor. Please pardon typos and vague messages in this blog. I will surely post it only after editing and I promise I have my glasses on, but the mobile phone and its auto correct has got me into a lot of trouble despite my habit of correcting/editing.

Thankfully, I write to family and close friends who know I am not a pervert. My son recently sent me a shocked emoji when he received my message and then I saw what he highlighted and was I shocked!! 

And yet, I break my first mental block on the first day of this Blessed New Year 2023, which adds up to a 7 representative  of the Chariot in Tarot. How can I not mention it! The tarot journey has been so fulfilling in my spiritual quest. This year is about having the determination and will power to forge our way ahead despite all our challenges and tasting sweet victory by coming into balance. For those readers who are new here and are interested, I will link my YouTube channel here for you to visit and if you do find it engaging, do subscribe. 

My Tarot channel link:


Unlike Blogger, that subscriber list is working on YouTube and if you press on the bell, you will be notified when I post! 

Back to the topic at hand, I wish you an amazing 2023, where you get to step out of your comfort zone and your competition is only with yourself, if there is one! I have a whole list in my head. I plan to put it down and strike as many as I can. Our thoughts are the biggest barriers. This year we will have the wand of will power to break free so use it to liberate yourself from anything that no longer serves you!

On that note, I wish you much happiness and hope to write more often this year to keep you rivetted. For starters, I have to figure out how to post this out here. All the Best to you readers if you get chopped text. Don't give up on the blog though. I'll figure things out :) 

P.S: I tried. I am finally posting. Some things haven't worked out. I'll edit from the desktop in the morning! 


  1. Bravo ! A year started with a right spirit ! Wishing you a fullfilling new year... lots of happiness, good health and success.


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