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That Feeling of Being Single!

Having been a lawfully wedded wife for nearly 22 and a half years and a mother for more than 18, the spouse and kids seem like extensions of myself! That feeling that you were born with them stuck to you! (Joey has added himself as an additional limb!) I have had those few rare trips sans them but that seems like ages ago and I can’t help but wonder whether it is the same me that asked her shocked mother a few days before her marriage “ Do you think I will stay a lifetime with the same person? What if I get bored?” My mother was shocked at how times had changed; that I had the audacity to ask her that! Wasn’t it bad enough that I was having a “love marriage” to a North Indian boy?! Unheard of!! Blasphemy at its best!! And look at me now! Thoroughly domesticated despite being largely unconventional and I don’t take credit for it. I have had more freedom within the marriage than I ever had before, even the few years that I was on my own, and that is why despite small rebellions every now

An Evening Before Losing My Last Wisdom Tooth!

Credits: “Petrified” should sum up the blog but then that would be unacceptable so I shall elaborate! Less than twenty-four hours from now I shall have only 27and a half teeth left! Why I say half is because the 28 th tooth is technically less of a tooth and more of the root canal and cap contraption. You know, you wouldn’t count the teeth on your denture as your own! How can a “petrified” person write a blog, you’d ask? Well, what can I say?! Fear can do that to the best of us! Who else would, in an attempt to keep one’s heart from racing to uncomfortable beats, work towards losing the precious readers one has! I have to do it. I cannot handle physical pain. I need diversion and if it is at the cost of writing a blog that might hamper my longevity on this platform, so be it. I really cannot handle my nerves. I am a doctor’s worst nightmare! Yes! This, from a mother who has delivered two kids normally after rather long labour, on both occasions! The first