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A Tribute to the Centaur Tribe: Sagittarius

Credits: My Li'l Sagittarian The Sagittarian month is here (23 November - 21 December) and it is only right that I pay a little tribute to these happy, fiercely independent centaurs who know how to live life king size or at least completely on their own terms. I am no astrologer and I haven’t had any formal training but from the time I remember I have been fascinated by zodiac signs. I have read a lot about them, the bible then being Linda Goodman! Previously I have written a blog on the Aquarius woman being one myself. I do not speak in detail about nuances of planetary positions but what I do write comes from interacting with and closely observing people I know, whether I know them well or not. One of my favourite hobbies is to guess what the zodiac of a person might be after interacting with them for a while and more often than not, my guesses usually hit the mark! I have a whole lot of Sagittarian friends, both male and female and also a few close relatives who

The Magic of Humility and Kindness

Credits: Many greats have graced this planet and have changed this world to make it a better place for you and for me (That sounded straight out of a Michael Jackson number-“Heal the World” to be precise!) It is heartening to know that the average human being has kindness in his/her heart. A lot many people do great work which goes unnoticed by the world except by those who benefit directly. Yet, they press on regardless of the lack of recognition for what they do is selfless. The stories are innumerable. Unfortunately, the media showcases only sorrow and terror thus making us believe that there is hardly any goodness left on this beautiful Earth. Every once in a while, a few people rise to fame and affect humanity by the great work they do; who by their humility win many hearts and inspire others to do the same; who manage to create platforms to recognize the efforts of those working silently in the background for humanity, lauding them and bringing them u

Utterly Unacceptable: Teen Suicide!

Last evening my daughter walks into my room after her bath and perches herself upon my bed while I was looking for some quizzes to play on Sporcle! I took a cursory glance at her and saw her eyes swollen. After her agonising experience nearly a year ago about which I had written in an earlier blog, ( )  we are paranoid about her eyes and ENT status. I asked her whether she was   crying, mentally crossing out the PMS dates and she denied it. I stopped doing everything else and focused my full attention on her and asked her again, to which she shook her head as though to dismiss the idea but I knew I was right and I told her she’d have to give that answer to someone else. I waited for her to reply and she broke down.   My daughter is taking her pre-board exams and day before yesterday was her Mathematics paper- a subject that makes even a cool person like her sweat occasionally! On return from school

Boy! Do We Hoard?!

Credits: I was watching my little pup, Joey, stealthily sneaking away with my slipper into his den. He has made a number of little dens that we cannot fit into! Unfortunately for him, our hands do! His den has toys, used bottles, cardboard and anything he fancies (and he fancies everything) that he can lay his hands (read paws) on! I have grown up with dogs but just like most kids I was a fair weather friend and used to play with them when I had nothing better to do and so seldom had I observed them. Then again, Candy, the older one was mature and had no hoarding tendencies and Breezo was too busy chewing up everything to think about saving anything for later-he was an action dog! Looking at Joey hoarding this way made me apply the zodiac sign bit on him. Crabs are known to hoard and he is born on the 8 th of July. While researching on the subject I was enlightened with the fact the birds are the greatest hoarders and that caching was displayed by rod

A Bare Necessity!

Credits: Baloo was happiest singing “Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities; forget about your worries and your strife…” as am I when I watch him! I wish life was just as simple (I have heard it can be) but somehow I find a lot of things have become bare necessities including mobile phones! Yet, the basic necessities I am about to talk about are those that we need but do not wish to admit when we are on the right side of forty! Most people call it the wrong side but you’ll know when you get here that this is when the fun begins! I know you’ve heard about mid life crisis (how do you think this blog started?!!) but believe me, when you look back, every period in your life has had crisis and chaos but when you cross forty you are better equipped to handle it or at least shrug it off. Credits: Credits: Getting on with my limited list of two material necessities, one of which I am yet to lay my hands o