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Tears of Blood

Rape! I wonder how people react to this word. Do they even react to it anymore? Is the reaction because they feel anything or because they are  expected to feel something? It is with deep anguish that I write this. Episodes of rape are so many and so regular that I believe people have become or are becoming desensitized to the act. So, mere molestation  is  just accepted as the norm. #MeToo was an eye opener for men, I hear. They did not know it happened to “decent” women as well-except as a rare coincidence. This was an eye opener for me! Credits: In India, we have too many people. News of a few deaths, natural or otherwise, to a few rapes within the marriage or outside of it- adult or minor, is not enough to ruffle routine life. “Few” did I say? In the last month there have been so many bus accidents with them falling over bridges, and many deaths reported. It seldom catches our eye and if it does, we quickly brush it off. What’s such a big deal! It didn’t happe

What is My Reality?

Credits: In this digital world where all answers are just a click away, there is suddenly an overload of information. Add to it, the social media which is now a global addiction has its own inputs of all kinds. For a person (read Me!) who is curious, with a mindset that gets affected by anything which is convincing enough, even complete contradictions, this is rather daunting and today, I seldom find clarity of thought! Everything seems right! To make matters worse are the spiritual teachings, which I agree with again, that tell you that there are no wrongs and no rights! Credits: This information explosion gives us an ego of false knowledge as well. I suddenly feel like a doctor because WebMD speaks to me and I distribute knowledge like an Honorary Doctor. You must see a doctor’s expression if you open your mouth showing your vast knowledge (it will be a blessing to survive the look!!).  The bottom line is that no matter which field it may be; medicine,