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Are You a Knob Switch or a Single Pole?

Image Credits: How dare I ask fellow human beings such a question, you would wonder? Switches indeed!! Such impertinence!!! This, however, is my husband’s way of describing us- he calls me an ‘on- off’ switch. I am either on or I am off, just like the single pole switch or the basic switch we use in our day to day lives. He, on the other hand, is a knob selector switch and has more stages or states of operation like a regulator!! Credits: You would have heard of the black and white personality- those that operate in extremes; those who want a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for an answer; those who despise anything in between and consider all those ‘shades of grey’ seeing personalities as indecisive and perhaps wimpish!! I am not going to discuss Borderline Personality disorder which is this same syndrome to an extreme level (and I am assuming that my husband wasn’t hinting at me suffering from one either!) Credits: Let’s look at a few