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A Gateway to Transformation!

Tomorrow, on 21August21, my blog turns four! This post also happens to be my 100 th ! That calls for double celebration! What if I told you that I am reaching another milestone tomorrow?! Well, I am completing my 21-day Better Living Course with the Yoga Institute. My hundredth blog is my tribute to the Yoga institute, for doing so much in these 20days, for me, giving me hope that despite all my wrong choices in the past, I can still transform and live a wholesome life! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? It is and it isn’t! If I follow the regimen and the tenets; make it a way of life, it will be a win-win situation for me or else, as one of the quotes we had to ponder on says “teachers open doors for you, but you must enter by yourself”, I shall remain at the threshold unable to drink from the cup before me! This blog is also my gift to you dear reader for being here and egging me on. If you can benefit from it, I shall be happy and fulfilled. Credits: The Yoga Ins

Leadership or Thirst for Power?

  For those who have been following this blog space for a while, you would know that I seldom watch the News or read the papers because my sanity is dear to me. News trickles down anyway but watching it firsthand or reading it for myself affects me in a big way especially since I am an empath and more so, since I am not adept at shaking off or cleansing other energies. And yet, I broke the rule and watched it yesterday- on YouTube by accident and then those eyes led me to watch TV… As I write this, the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and are trying to ensure a smooth transfer of power. The President and Vice President are believed to be leaving the country. I guess the choice was life! Those eyes, that I mentioned are of an unknown girl, maybe ten or eleven, who among heavily veiled women were rushing off the streets perhaps, and she stopped to see when the camera caught her, her beautiful weather-beaten face devoid of expression but for those eyes ! I don’t remember which chann