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All by Myself...Finally!

As I stood waving at my daughter and parents at the airport, I felt this unexplainable thrill. Was it because I was about to meet my husband after a while? Perhaps, I told myself and wheeled the trolley around to make it into the foyer of methodical madness. Credits: As I found my way to the Indigo Check In counter (Yes! I did stick to Indigo despite the Airlines being in the news for all the wrong reasons and I am glad I did), I see the long queue and smirk, for I was in well before time! Just before I could push the trolley behind the last person in the line, a member of the ground staff asked me courteously to show him my boarding pass. I thought he was wonky and having a bad day- why else would he ask me for a boarding pass before I checked in?! I smiled a kind smile (all those face book free advice  at work) and said, “I will show it to you once I get it” and I indicated to the queue. He smiled a benign smile back at me (he was on face book too, undoubtedly), “