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50 Things that Warm My Heart!

  Let’s do this without an introduction except for “I was called to do this just because…” 1.       A hearty laugh. 2.      A warm cuddle. 3.      Eyes which emote love. 4.     Love and all its manifestations. 5.      Romance. 6.     A warm meal cooked by Ma. 7.      A cold meal- rich and sinful. 8.     Maggi. 9.     Before you scream gluttony, bonding with a trusted friend. 10.     Deep Conversations. 11.     Star gazing. 12. Moon gazing. 13. Sunrise. 14. Sunset. 15. Dewdrops 16. Large Spiderwebs 17. Ants 18.      Candy, Breezo, Joey and all benign dogs. 19. Butterflies. 20.    Birds. 21. A captivating book. 22.     A Mushy Movie. 23.     Flying and watching clouds. 24.     Long, never-ending drives. 25.     Train travel especially to and from Kerala. 26.     Greenery. 27.     Beaches, 28.    Mountains. 29.     Deserts too for brief periods. 30.    Lawns and flowers and trees. 31. Water bodies- from puddles to the oc

The Virgin Children of Mercury: 15 Shades of Virgo

  Virgo season is here! Is that why I am writing about them? Yes and No! I have written about Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo so far and apart from the Sagittarius one which was written in December, the other two were written just because I felt like it and it wasn’t in their season! So, that makes it a No but what makes it a Yes, is that when you are talking about the most meticulous, perfectionist of the Zodiac, you’ve got to do at least a few things right! The New Moon in Virgo was on 27Aug2022 and with it we get an opportunity to embrace that energy, get organized and get back to getting tasks completed in the best possible way. No more procrastinating, no more excuses. The practical, hard-working, no-nonsense way is the current flavour. Guess what?! After a lull in my creativity for three months, I finally wrote a blog each on 22August and 23August, setting the ball in motion. Also, I woke up this morning with a promise to myself to complete all the incomplete blogs which were lef