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Is Formality Such a Bad Thing?

Credits: “Dosti ka usool hai Madam, No Sorry, No Thank You” said Salman Khan to Bhagyashree in the super hit movie “Maine Pyar Kiya” and this dialogue just stuck on-much to my dissatisfaction. It literally translates to “there is a rule in friendship-no sorry, no thank you”. The spirit here, of friendship and later love, is based on the fact that the two involved have crossed all barriers and have reached such an understanding, that formalities are not required. If one makes a mistake, the other already knows that he or she is sorry for it or if you do a good deed, you already know the other is grateful for it- no need for explanations! Credits: While it is comforting to have that level of understanding with anyone, my question is, do close relationships have to be devoid of courtesy? While the above explanation is all grand it doesn’t work in the long run, if we are true to ourselves. This is in fact, the perfect way to enter into the t

Burnout:Kitchen and Cooking

Credits: Just out of the kitchen, I head straight for my computer. I have to put this down NOW! Considering, it is already half an hour past my children’s lunchtime (I ate long ago- some leftovers from yesterday; couldn’t wait for the right mood that facilitates cooking for I have never been good at controlling hunger), this had better be something important!! Well, it is! I have reached a stage of burnout as far as cooking is concerned! That is no trivial matter. Credits: For all of you out there who know how particular I am about my kids’ routines (even before they knew what that meant), you would be shocked at such a deviation from norm. I am guilty to inform you that this has been happening a little too often in the last few months, maybe more, and I worry, for this phase doesn’t seem to pass. I haven’t baked in nearly three weeks and that is blasphemy!!! My kids are eating chocolate every afternoon as dessert as I don’t have the will to cook. I get looks

A Woman

Credits: I spent a long while trying to dramatize the title but nothing seemed right so I let it be, after all what can be more dramatic or animated than a woman! An adult female human, the woman is a creature that elicits interest in one and all. There is a certain unpredictability in this creation of God; a certain madness, that intrigues both men and women alike! A Woman is described in so many ways and has so many synonyms, some that flatter her and others that are insensitive and rude. Yet, nothing can truly capture the essence of a woman. She is an enigma not only to those of the opposite sex but to herself as well. She is made up of so many contradictions, a smattering of indecisiveness, a little more than a tad bit of self consciousness, more than a few insecurities and self doubt about her many perceived imperfections, pride, ego which she readily hides to cater to a man’s inflated one, immense love for her own especially her young and a tremendous am