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The Role Fasting Has Played in My Life!

  Fasting is a trend now from a health point of view. You have the 16:8 fasting and different varieties depending on whom you follow. However, before making fasting scientific in the manner it is being made today, it was an age-old ritual followed in all traditional religions if I am not mistaken. Patterns may vary. Be it Lent before Easter, Ramzan/Ramadan before Eid or the number of fasts in the Hindu tradition especially in India, for every occasion and region for instance the two Navratris, Chhat pooja, the 41 days fast during the Sabarimala season and many more which we might touch upon as we progress. Actually, our forefathers were more aware and mindful of their bodies and hence these traditions were made as a maintenance practice for our systems. They added a religious connotation to it so that people would follow it. Faith can move mountains! In this blog, I shall cover my relationship with fasting. Now, why would I want to write a blog about that?? Well, I have an hour to ki