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What Women Would Never Tell You but Would Love You to Know!

  Credits: Every other meme that targets relationships, takes potshots at women always conveying the message that women can never be understood because they are a bag of contradictions! Women are complicated compared to men, I agree, so here are a few insights to women that you might find helpful. Being a woman myself and having interacted with all kinds of my tribe, and all ages, I believe I am sufficiently equipped to bring out a few points at the very least! Disclaimer: There are exceptions to every rule and these views may sound bizarre to more than a few women and men! Women remember all arguments When women/ girls are part of your lives by choice and even in familial relationships that they are born into, they tend to bend backwards to please you. It is their innate nurturing nature to remember little things that would bring a smile to your face and one genuine word of gratitude or praise in return does wonders for them (the need for external validation unfortu

2020: Taking Stock!

Short of a month and a half later, we will be saying eager goodbyes to 2020 which has been a different year to say the least. A year that has shown the collective how vulnerable we are, despite our claims of being the most advanced species! If we thought our tribe was invincible, we just faced and continue to face a rude reminder of our limitations. Yet, the benign Universe gives us yet another chance to think more clearly and look at the larger picture. We can still stop disaster from wiping us clean off the surface of the Earth! With so many people having lost their jobs or earning nothing or pittance; with their livelihoods being threatened, it is time that we as a collective, down to the last man, understand the havoc we have been wreaking on this planet and mend our ways. This year has been a wonderful year for me and perhaps those wired like me who needed a lull in their lives to be able to go deep within to find answers. Not that I am not going bonkers like everybody else or t