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Happy Day, Happy Blog?

  24February 2021 is a special day for me for some reason and I intend to write a happy blog today! I woke up later than usual this morning for I slept well past midnight after seeing a brilliant movie I had seen a couple of times before (“Pink”- the Shoojit Sircar film starring Amitabh Bacchan, Taapsee Pannu and Angad Bedi). The movie had finished well in time but if I don’t sleep by 2200h, latest 2230h, I become the nocturnal owl! So, my happy day began at 0720h. Normally, it starts at 0500h. Unlike, the usual guilt that comes upon me if I sleep in late, it felt good to know that I have healed from pangs of guilt and I got out of bed slowly and deliberately recognizing and respecting every bone and muscle that creaked or ached, in my body. I thanked Lord Shiva and carried out my little gratitude rituals of the morning feeling proud of myself that I had skipped the walk that I do not like missing. I listened to my body’s protest and let it be without mentally chiding it as I had long