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When I Am Sure What People I Love Want...

Credits: The more I love someone, the more time I invest in them; the more they are in my thoughts; and the more time I spend finding creative ways to make them happy. Isn’t that true for all of us? The longer we know them the more confident we are! We become self proclaimed experts on them claiming that we know them better than they know themselves. And what if we needed a rethink? Credits: It all begins with this lovely belief that each and every one of us (without exception) has deep down inside (no matter whether we are confident/under confident by nature), that we know everything and our choices are the best. Even though every single one of us harbours this feeling we tend to point fingers at anyone who tries to get in their point of view which is different from ours by saying things like, “You really think you know best, don’t you” or “the problem with you is that once you make up your mind, you don’t even listen” all the while implying t

Rusty Dusty, Rump, Derriere...At the Receiving End?

Credits: An unusual topic I guess but I had to write it, having been at the receiving end a number of times! The backside is a butt of jokes ever so often. We humans, as a race, whether we admit or not, are obsessed with our behinds- not just ours actually! You don’t agree? Take a look at the adorable synonyms it has! Bahookie, patootie, bazoo, tochus, bippy, caboose, jacksie, prat, rass and many many more! There is a site which claims to have 310 synonyms for the same. See! Like I said, we are completely bum crazy people! However, if it makes you uncomfortable, you can call yourself an exception!! Credits: While men are likely to eye buttocks from (ahem!) reasons known best to them, women mostly eye it (yes, women ogle a lot more!) for the “cuteness quotient” (I never thought I could actually write this!) A pat on the butt or a pinch is akin to pulling a chubby cheek (of the face)!! Credits: And yet, that poor backside is always