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Like it or not, Growth Happens!

Milestone: 50 th Blog At long last, I have reached my fiftieth blog! It still gives me immense pleasure to pen down my thoughts and put it out there, a year and a half later! I am grateful to you, dear readers who have kept me going. With views from seventy countries, I get a sense of being one with the world. I had intended to write a happy 50 th blog for I never thought this one would ever get done, overcome by emotion as I was but I have managed to put it all down for you. Spreading awareness is all important especially when it has got to do with one’s well being. I dedicate this blog to my daughter for her never say die spirit. Like it or Not, Growth Happens! I have deliberated on many occasions whether life had perhaps stagnated for me or rather I had become stagnant in an ever changing world. Being in the same set up I had begun to wonder whether I was evolving as a person at all. Was I getting stronger, more mature, more knowledgeable just sitting in my comfor