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HAPPY 2022: A Year for Love & Common Sense!

  Wishing everyone out there a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! 2022 brings with it hope after two difficult years. Call it a gut feeling or unshakable faith in the Universe and its natural tendency to restore balance, I sincerely believe that this year will finally let us be comfortable with the new normal and get on with our best lives. 2022 adds to a 6, which is a number of love and unlike the previous year which was all about change (which is seldom comfortable or enjoyable) this one will be about peace and harmony. In the tarot world, number 6 is the “Lovers”, depicted traditionally as a couple watched over by an archangel. Interestingly enough, the “Devil” card is a number 15, which adds up to a 6, and this is depicted by the same couple chained to one another with a devil watching over them. The same goes for this year! If you use your common sense, this year will spell Love and all good things that come from it- happiness, freedom, success, loving relationship