When Love Becomes Torture!

  Sit with the title of this blog for a while. What comes to your mind? Do a few scenarios come to your mind or do you feel that’s not possible? Love becomes torture when it is no longer love; when other emotions take over under the garb of love. And, every other emotion that stems up which is not love, or from love, is from fear. Here are a few scenarios where love can become torture for one or both, a few or all parties involved. 1.       A loves B and B loves A so they decide to commit to each other. For a while, things are hunky dory and then A gets possessive about B. When they bring up the subject, B is horrified. B brushes whatever A claims as nonsense and is being true when they say so. A is not satisfied. B decides to let A into B’s world to see for themselves. A is appeased. A few days later A is triggered again. Doesn’t B know how much they love them? Why is B spending time elsewhere or watching too much TV or on the phone? B likes space. A doesn’t understand. A is all sus

FOMO? The Cure!

  For an acronym such as this to come into existence, the fear must be so real and that is sad! FEAR OF MISSING OUT aka FOMO is common parlance these days. In 48 years of my life which is a substantial period of time, I believe, it is only in the last five years at most that this term has caught my attention. It was, in fact, coined in 2004 and got included in the Oxford Dictionary in 2010 (clearly letting me know that I am lagging way behind to have any fear of missing out). For those very few people, my age or older who are still unaware of the term, FOMO came into being, on and because of, social media, to describe or define the anxiety caused by the perception of missing out on fun and all things pleasurable, that others were seen to enjoy. The other aspect of the same is the addiction to keep checking in despite feelings of depression, negative thinking and low self-esteem that it may cause. The underlying issue is Comparison. Now, comparison has always existed and unfortunately

Rubbed the Wrong Way Again?

  “I am a peace-loving person. I have no time, inclination nor space for drama in my life and yet, I always manage to have people around me who can be nasty and who rub me the wrong way.” Do you ever hear yourself say that or find yourself thinking that? If so, this blog is for you. I had an epiphany of sorts after a tarot reading by Avalon Intuitive. It hit me hard because I grumble and the statement above has done many a round, in my head. It is the reason (over the years I realise) for my transition from an extrovert/ambivert to a complete introvert. I didn’t see it this way at all. Subconsciously, my building walls around myself and staying away from people more and more was due to the reluctance to say it like it is when things got uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. I am not the quiet, submissive variety at all. I get rejoinders, repartees, retorts and whatever you may like to call them, bathed in sarcasm too, immediately and with so much of Aquarius and Libra in my charts I can

Urgent Food for Thought: Boxes!

  In a society that is screaming for everyone to think out of the box, paradoxically, individually and collectively, we are most comfortable with boxing ourselves in! Our need to belong is possibly, the cause for it and the “family” is our first box and this box instills in us a need for boxes. The more we perceive a need for freedom the more boxes we create. Culture, Race, Colour, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Relationships, Economic Status, Castes, Introverted, Extroverted, Gen Z to Baby Boomers, Continents, Countries, States…to the family of course, schools and colleges, sports teams, music bands, political groups are all little boxes and this list is endless! We take pride in the number of boxes we fit ourselves into. In the Hindu tradition, we talk about “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which literally translates to “Earth is  family” which means the entire Earth is one family with the concept of Yours and Mine being non existent or base! It is mentioned in the Samaveda. This d

Defining Boundaries: Novak Djokovic

  Credits: Wallpaper Flare Respect. Respect. Respect. Here is a man who knows his boundaries and who knows his person is more important than his accomplishments, his status or his standing and is willing to put all at stake for self-preservation! Kudos to the current world No. 1, Novak Djokovic! The 34-year-old Tennis champion from Serbia has been in the news for refusing to take the covid 19 vaccine. He may have to pay the price for it by forgoing future championships. He, however, refuses to budge. Firmly, politely and with due respect, he says he has nothing against the vaccine and has taken vaccines before but he personally does not want to take this one and that only he would decide what goes into his body. There is a strong lesson in this for everyone. Let us learn from this man. First of all, if you think I am a staunch fan coming to his rescue then let me get that out of the way. I appreciate a whole lot of people but I am not a fan of anybody, especially a frenzied one. Th

Hurt People: Harsh Truths!

  First and foremost, let us get one basic fact clear. We are all hurt! Whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we recognize it or not, if we have lived beyond five years of our life, we are hurt in some way or another. Even the best of us, who are quick to defend our families and our upbringing only choosing to remember the good times (either deliberately or subconsciously believing so), have wounds which start playing out when we grow up and enter relationships. Unless we consciously work on healing and do it continually, we remain the mess we are, living every relation in our typical patchwork style and going through the same rut or karmic cycles, more often than not, right to our graves. Secondly, there is no judgement here. In fact, even though I may express strong opinions on my blog, I believe in learning continuously and evolving and my opinions do change over a period of time. We are all human and as long as we stay flexible and open to new ideas, we grow. We may or may n

HAPPY 2022: A Year for Love & Common Sense!

  Wishing everyone out there a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! 2022 brings with it hope after two difficult years. Call it a gut feeling or unshakable faith in the Universe and its natural tendency to restore balance, I sincerely believe that this year will finally let us be comfortable with the new normal and get on with our best lives. 2022 adds to a 6, which is a number of love and unlike the previous year which was all about change (which is seldom comfortable or enjoyable) this one will be about peace and harmony. In the tarot world, number 6 is the “Lovers”, depicted traditionally as a couple watched over by an archangel. Interestingly enough, the “Devil” card is a number 15, which adds up to a 6, and this is depicted by the same couple chained to one another with a devil watching over them. The same goes for this year! If you use your common sense, this year will spell Love and all good things that come from it- happiness, freedom, success, loving relationship