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A Day in the Llife of a Suitcase!

Image Hi! I am Kamiliant of the American Tourister family, before I got adopted that is! I am a beautiful purple with a trendy white design (which I am honestly not too proud of) and soft bodied. Now, don’t catch me blushing! I have been with my new family for over a year and the way I was subjected to travel within days of being adopted, overseas that too and ten countries (are they nuts?) had me excited and later a bit dizzy. I was sure that my life was going to be an endless series of travel (well, I have been made for just that, I guess) by air, by road and by sea. I haven’t experienced train travel yet but it can’t be worse than that roller coaster ride which I absolutely hate- in case you are wondering, I mean the conveyor belt at the airport! They have no respect for the likes of us, believe me. After that huge vacation where I was wondering whether I’d get some rest and I did crib to the others of my tribe all over Europe, we got back and I was emp