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2024: Strength Redefined

Fifteen days into the year, I take this opportunity to wish YOU my dear readers and your loved ones a Happy and Blessed 2024! Had I known that the first day/s would leave me drained enough to not write this blog intended for the first day of the year, I would've surely wished you on the blog that I wrote and posted on the last day of the year gone by! Believe me when I say, I tried. The opening word has been changed from "as we step into' to three to five to ten and now fifteen! Hopefully, it should reach you today...fingers crossed. 2024 adds up to an 8 (Einstein!!) and the number is symbolic of the tarot card Strength! It is the card that represents Leo, which should be no surprise! This card, as should be expected, stands for courage and valour. It talks about inner strength. The depiction on the traditional tarot deck is beautiful as you can see below. The Strength Card from the Original Rider Waite Tarot! Credits: Canva & Self A woman is caressing a lion while he