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Serendipity and All Things Mushy and Magical

Credits: I am a diehard romantic and I need constant boosts of love and romance! The stars and planets are an essential part of this magic and naturally, I am totally hooked on to astrology and anything that talks about things that science cannot fully explain. To add to it, I have the ability to believe anything and put all my faith into it much to the shock and irritation of my dear ones. Even when the whole world sees through something hopeless, if I have put my faith there, it does not get shaken! Call me naive, stubborn or plainly, a jackass, I do not budge. If I did let go of the faith and if my trust be broken, I would be in throes of sorrow for a long long time. Credits: Well, one evening it happened! My mushiness meter, which I had been trying to brush off, started beeping rather loudly. My eyes started filling up, with pangs of loneliness becoming unbearable. The low level warning light was on. Obviously! I hadn’t read or watched a r

Reputation: At What Cost?

Credits: “I have a rep to protect” was an endearing catch phrase of John Travolta aka Danny of the ‘Grease’ fame. It also sums up the basic nature of every man and woman in society, whether they admit it or not. “I don’t care what people say or think” is something we all would like to say but every one of us has a different meaning attached to the word “people”. We have been trained over generations that what society accepts is the only standard and we are notorious if we challenge that- more so if we are women! Credits: I was reading the poignant tale of Mata Hari by Paulo Coelho which goes by the name of ‘The Spy’. Mr. Coelho has redeemed himself in my eyes with it, after his “Adultery”, a book which started off so well but turned out to resemble a sleazy soap opera. I had been disappointed with it even though his brilliance did shine in many places. To have someone who has written such wonderful work to come up with something that felt like a B g

Profanities: Do we F@#$%&* Need Them?

Credits: I was working on another happy blog but that will come later for this is the need of the hour! While researching for that one, I had to subject myself to sooooo many cuss words that my tympanic membrane was under threat of an explosion! Why has the use of profanities/expletives/lewd language-call it what you will-become such an integral part of expression? I was having a discussion (via texting) the other day with a friend who had sent me a video clip of a movie which was loaded with the same. She rightly told me that it was social conditioning that made me feel so forthrightly against it whereas others don’t see it as blasphemous, so they use it freely. Possible. And yet, there are a large number of people I know who have come with the same kind of upbringing and still use it freely- my brother for one (blame it on all the boarding schools and hostels he has been to) and my son for another (he has been to neither)!! Yes, my son! That innocent little dumpl