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Becoming Agony Aunt!

I seem to be donning many hats all of a sudden and the latest offer, if I take it, would be some sort of an agony aunt!! I remember being shocked while in the eleventh grade, when I came across “Personal Column” in the ‘Women’s Era’ magazine and read one of the most scandalous questions ever! Thereafter, I’d spot these in different magazines and between embarrassment and curiosity, I’d wonder if people really had such doubts and problems! In due course of time, this had been completely forgotten till Blogger introduced a new feature called “Ideas” to assist the blogger! About four days ago, I found a window popping up every time, I’d access Blogger posts. My first reaction was “Oh no! Ads!” and then I realized it was something else. A novel and great idea alright, Blogger or rather Google, has been giving us suggestions out of the most searched questions so that it might inspire us to write on any of those topics. I thought that was really wonderful. Thoughtful, as well. The only i

Is it Okay to be Our Vulnerable and Authentic Selves?

Is it? Is it okay to be vulnerable? Is being vulnerable a sign of weakness or strength? If it is a sign of strength then is there guarantee that once we show our vulnerable side no one will take advantage of it? What if someone hurts us again and in a way that will mar us for life? What if we are not accepted or are made fun of? What if we end up alone and ostracized? However trivial the issue might be for the objective viewer, for the person going through this dilemma, it is always a big deal. Small matters can even lead to suicide depending on many factors but mainly based on how long the hurt has been collecting or piling and festering within. Every single individual at one time or the other has gone through this dilemma and not just once! Up until now, societies have never encouraged showing our emotional or “weak” side. It is only over the past decade or so that men have started showing a softer side for the traditional male took it all in. A favorite macho dialogue in Hindi fil

15 Things I Loved During My Early Years and Where They Stand Now!

As a part of my inner child healing, which is something each and every one of us must do, as I have mentioned in an earlier blog for which the link is given here , I am trying to rake up as many memories from the past to be able to identify what made me and my imagination run wild and free- the things that filled me with wonder and came to me naturally, so that I may compare it to my present state and find out where and how so many limitations entered my free heart and mind. Once that is done, healing it would be relatively easy plus I just might find what I am looking for since all the answers we need are right inside of us! I am roping you in, my dear readers, to join me in this exploration and I hope it is interesting enough to be inspiring so that you begin your journey as well! Believe me, we all do need to take up this journey to rise up to our full potential! 1.   Collecting- A natural trait seen in most k